Will I be able to increase the size of my system in future?

This depends on your roof space and the size of the inverter. If you have sufficient roof space and additional capacity in the inverter you could increase the size of your system. Or you could add a second system to your roof. Please note: At this time, the solar Feed-in Tariffs in each state

How can I check my system’s performance?

It's anything but difficult to check your sun oriented force framework whenever. Most of inverters offer an underlying showcase that gives you a live information feed of how much force your framework is creating. Most frameworks will give you chronicled information demonstrating how your framework has been performing over the long run.. In the

How much I have to pay for my electricity?

The most effortless approach to discover the amount you pay for power (and how much power you use every month) is to investigate your utility power bill. On the other hand you can call Power of Solar to manage you perusing your power bill to discover precisely what you use, require and need to

How much roof space is required?

The measure of rooftop space required relies upon the size of the framework. For instance, a little 1.5kW framework requires 12m² of rooftop space. This is in a perfect world an un-concealed and north-bound piece of the rooftop. The framework is particular and can be organized such that best suits the rooftop.

What financial benefits are involved using solar energy?

At the point when you introduce a sun based energy framework on your property, you get a good deal on your power charges and secure yourself against increasing power rates later on. The amount you can spare relies upon the utility rates and sun oriented approaches in your general vicinity, however going sun based